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Izzo Golf Range Finder

The Izzo swami gps golf watch is an exceptional alternative to track your golf games and logs, it is moreover pad-friendly with a no. Of pages and can be used as a workbook or research tool.

Izzo Golf Range Finder Ebay

The Izzo golf range finder is a first rate surrogate to find good golf ranges and find out what types of woods are best for you, the range finder will tell you the playing time and distance between different woods, and will even recommend a range of brands and models of golf watches. Izzo golf range finder is a portable gps rangefinder that gives you the ability to map your course to within a few feet, Izzo is the name of the company and the product is their only product. The Izzo golf range finder is equipped with an 12-cell, 12-hagemidite, mylar-based battery and an 10- fiber optic link that communicates with a phone app, the rangefinder can serve as your true far-end off-the-line course map or as a general-purpose off-the-road map. The Izzo golf range finder is a peerless tool for finding golf ranges and consequently, the swami golf gps 6000 is just the right thing to help you out, this golf range finder comes with a touch screen interface which makes it straightforward to find ranges and pga tournaments within your area. Additionally, it grants a blue color which will make you look good at the golf course, the Izzo golf swami lite golf gps rangefinder is a first rate value for the price you pay. It is a style rangefinder with a digital readout and is covered by the india limited warranty, this is a splendid golf gps for shoppers who yearn for a range finder that they can use on the course or as a wristwatch.